PLEASE READ:  NO, I DO NOT provide anger classes, or groups, required by a court, or mandated by a court. 

I only work with Individuals who recognize there is a problem BEFORE reaching that point. 

YES, there is a professional fee for my servicesIf You're looking for court mandated classes, or free services, this is NOT what You're looking for. 

I DO NOT do Therapy -- I do Anger Coaching!  If You can't accept Responsibility for Your Choices and Your Actions and You want to continue Blaming other people - especially Your Wife or Mother - DO NOT bother calling me!  I am only here to help people who honestly want to make changes.  I don't want to waste my time or Your money.

“For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."--
Author Unknown
“Anger is one letter short of danger.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt

William C. Smith - Dallas / Fort Worth to Texoma Anger Coach

If you're really ready to stop making excuses and to accept responsiblity to change your Choices and Actions, give me a call any day AFTER 10:00 AM and BEFORE 10 PM


or email me at 

Why do people come to me for Anger Coaching from all over the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex even up to Texoma and beyond?  Because my coaching works!  But that's only when you use the tools I teach you and if you really are ready to change.  If you aren't ready to take responsibility for your choices and actions, do NOT call me. 

I don't want to waste your money or my time when I could be working with someone who really does want to change!  Yes, I'm just that blunt.  Why?  Because I really want to effectively and efficiently help you be in control instead of you allowing the anger controlling you!

If you're ready to take back control from that anger that you've allowed to control your Life for way too long, and you're NOT looking for court mandated classes, fill out the form below and I'll get back with you soon.

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Who needs Anger Coaching?  Simple answer either You do, or someone You know does, otherwise You wouldn't be reading this.  For those of You who are looking for someone else -- You can give them the information and have them check this out, but THEY, not YOU, THEY need to call me.  You can't do it for them.  Most of my Clients are Men, but I've worked with a few Women as well.  Professional (and some college) Athletes, Executives, Attorneys, Medical Personnel, Law Enforcement, Sales Professionals, and Educators seem to be a large number of my Clients.  To find out more click this link Who Needs Anger Coaching?  or the Picture.
Anger can ruin relationships and end marriages.  Are you heading that way?   Anger Control Dallas / Fort Worth


Dallas / Fort Worth - Does Anger get You HOT under the collar?  Time to do something about it
What is Anger Coaching?  My style of Coaching is called Alpha Process Coaching™.  It's my program I developed based on Logic, Common sense, awareness of the Impact of Words on the SubConscious Mind, the importance of being held Responsible instead of Blaming, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.  No You won't quack like a duck, but You'll learn to do Self Hypnosis correctly, how to reduce Stress, and how to Communicate better with Others and Yourself.  To find out more CLICK this Link What is Anger Coaching or the Picture.

When does a Person Need Anger Coaching?  Obviously BEFORE they lose their Family or Career and BEFORE they get into trouble with Law Enforcement!  Some people wait too late and wind up being miserable and making Life miserable for their families.  You don't want to do that, otherwise You wouldn't be reading this now!  Anger Coaching is needed When it's interfering with Your Personal and / or Professional Life.  To find out more CLICK this Link When Does a Person Need Anger Coaching? or the Picture.
Anger can cause you to lose your family.  Better get Dallas / Fort Worth Anger control Coaching before that happens

NOW, Not Later is the Time to Get Control Over That Anger Before You Lose Your Family or Career!
I don't do therapy. I Coach. I Teach. I use Logic and even Humor to help You Understand and Accept that the Past or Someone else can no longer be Blamed for what You are doing NOW - Today. If You are Finally ready to do something about the Anger, I'm here to help. But You're going to have to let go of the Blame and Excuses and Accept FULL Responsibility for Your Actions!  Otherwise let’s not waste Your money and My time.

My clients come from all around the Dallas / NOrth Texas area, inlcuding Southlake, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Frisco, Wichita Falls, Gainesville, Rowlett, Prosper, Celina, Durant, Oklahoma City, Ardmore, Texarkana, Denton, Bonham, Pottsboro, Denison, Sherman, Paris, Rockwall, and beyond.

Face to face sessions with Coach William C. Smith is the best option for sessions.
Where does Anger Coaching take place?    The BEST option is face to face with me, but there are other options including Skype Video Sessions for those who are too far away for office visits to be practical.  If You're a Professional Athlete, Corporate Executive it may be possible to do a one or two day intensive at a resort area away from family, friends, associates, and the public - at Your Expense of course.

Why Anger Coaching?  Because You want to take Full Responsibility for Your Life NOW and You want to do it quickly BEFORE it's too late.  You want to let go of the past, get "Unstuck" and move forward.  Because You've realized You just can't go on blaming Your Mother, Father, Society, the boss, etc. over and over.  Deep down inside You know You need to Change, but just haven't known how - Yet.  To find out more CLICK this Link Why Anger Coaching? or the Picture.
Get Dallas / Fort Worth Anger Control Coaching BEFORE it leads to confrontations - especially physical ones!

 “Temper is the one thing you can't get rid of by losing it.”  A line from the film “Anger Management” spoken by Jack Nicholson

“Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the one you love, or your neighbors, or your boss, then you must learn to control you...the one whose response to the difficulties of life really counts.” - Jim Rohn

It's Time to Act Like an Adult!  Have you ever noticed when You ask a child why they did something wrong, they usually make up an excuse or blame it on someone else – maybe the dog?  As an adult, do You do that?  Isn’t it Time to stop acting like a Child and taking responsibility for Your Actions and Choices?  NOW would be a good time.  To find out more CLICK this Link It's Time to Act Like an Adult or the Picture
Why does Anger result in a grown man (or woman) acting like a little spoiled child?  Who cares why?  Get help here at Dallas / Fort Worth Anger Control and act like an adult!

Anger may be a bad problem but it would be a good idea to get help NOW before it gets worse!  Dallas / Fort Worth Anger Control
How does the Anger Coaching Program Work?  It's an 8 hour program.  It can either be a 4 Session program with 4 two hour sessions, or a 7 Session program with the first session being Two Hours - follow up Sessions are 45 minutes to one hour.  Ideally I like to schedule appointments one to two weeks apart to give You time to use the tools and so as not to Overwhelm You too quickly - it takes time to make Changes.  Exceptions to the frequency can be made depending on Your circumstances.  To find out more CLICK this Link How Does Anger the Coaching Program Work? or the Picture.

It's Time to BREAK the Anger Cycle! Whether You learned it as a child or maybe You’re teaching Your Child that being controlled by Anger is normal - it's NOT!  It’s amazing to me how many Adults think they “Inherited” Anger as if it’s in the genes!  No, it’s a Learned Behavior!  And just like you can Learn a Behavior – You CAN learn a NEW, Healthier Behavior!  It's time to move on from the Past and make the Changes and Choices NOW for a better Present and Future. Are You Ready?  To find out more CLICK this Link It's Time to Break the Anger Cycle! or the Picture.

Moving on from the Past and moving Forward - no more blame!

You may have learned about Anger from an adult, but you can break the cycle and teach your children how to control Anger - after you learn yourself!  Are you near Dallas / Fort Worth?  I can help!

Anger can keep an athlete from their best sports performance.  Don't let anger destroy your game!
SPORTS ANGER – There’s a Difference! – a BIG Difference, between Anger and Aggression.  Many times an Athlete is afraid to seek out help for Anger because of two reasons.  ONE – they’re afraid it will diminish their Aggression.  It won't, but it will help the Athlete be more Competitive by being more in Control and less Distracted!  And TWO – they’re concerned about “therapy”.  I don’t do Anger Therapy.  I do Anger Coaching – there’s a difference.   To find out more CLICK this Link Sports Anger - There's a Difference! or the Picture.

Anger at Work - doesn't WORK!!!   Don’t let Anger destroy Your Career or cause You to be Fired.  And if You’re the Boss – do You realize what Anger does – or could – cost You and / or Your Company?  Anger at work can alienate employees, co-workers, suppliers, customers, and can ruin Your good image – quickly!   And yes, some Companies realize the value of paying for a valued Employee's Coaching sessions with me to be able to keep that Employee.  To find out more CLICK this Link Anger at Work Doesn't Work! or the Picture.
Anger at work doesn't work here in Dallas / Fort Worth or any place else either!  It can cost you your job or career.  If you're the boss, it can cost you good employees.  No one wants to work for an angry boss.  And bosses don't want angry employees!

With the traffice here in Dallas / Fort Worth, Road Rage is common.  It can cost you your life or at the very least your health!  It's just not worth it!
ROAD RAGE can be Hazardous to Your Body, Life, Family, Health, and Pocket Book!. Don’t let Anger and Road Rage cost you your life, cause you to have higher insurance rates, or get a ticket!   If You're involved in a car accident due to Your own childish behavior and it's Your body that's hurt - You can't blame the other driver.  To find out more CLICK this Link Road Rage can be Hazardous or the Picture.

How long has ANGER Been a Problem for YOU?

How long will it be before ANGER causes you to:
*  Lose your wife (or girlfriend), husband (or boyfriend), or your children?
*  Lose your job?
*  Get arrested?
*  Hurt someone, or get hurt yourself?
*  Have a heart attack or stroke?

*  Continue to suffer from the STRESS of Anger
*  Or other bad consequences!

If you weren't worried about these, or other consequences, you wouldn't be here now.

Why risk it?  Now's the time to do something about it!  Call today (from 10 AM to 10 PM seven days a week) for a no obligation FREE phone consultation.

If you put it off any longer, it may be too late! 

You’re here because either you recognize you’ve got an Anger problem,
or someone else has brought it to your attention – possibly an employer or supervisor, a spouse or other family member, friend, your team Coach, spiritual counselor, or someone else who cares for you.

You’ve got two choices:

  • You can either continue to let anger control you
  • Or You can take back control in your life.

The choice is yours!

Action Resources Center Anger Coaching programs are designed for Individuals who want (maybe need) a One-on-One program that is:
*  Professional
*  Confidential / Discreet
*  Personal, non judgmental
*  That will help create real changes

This program is meant for those who want to accept responsibility for their lives and their choices - not for those who want to blame someone else for their anger problems.

The program is ideal for:
*  Business Executives and Management (workshops available for companies)
*  Professional (and young) Athletes
*  Active / Retired Military
*  Police Officers / Fire Fighters
*  Educators / Medical Personnel
*  Attorneys / Law Enforcement
*  Customer Service Employees
*  Sales Professionals
*  People from all walks of life who want to get control of their lives.

For those who are required by a court to take anger management classes, and your only reason for going is to get a certificate, this program may not be your best option.  This program requires you to really want to change, and be willing to commit not only the money investment, but also your time and energy to make these changes.

Chronic anger can be costly:
  • Physically
    • You or another person can be physically hurt / injured
    • Increases Stress levels
    • Damage to property / possessions
    • Trouble sleeping at night

  • Financially
    • Court fees / fines
    • Loss of job / income
    • Replacement / reimbursement for damages to other

  • Emotionally
    • Divorce
    • Feelings of guilt, shame, and loneliness
    • Lack of Self Confidence / Self Esteem
    • Loss of Friends / Family

Are You willing to continue to pay the price for ANGER that it is or may cost You?  Or are You ready to Discover how You can take back that Control and be Confident?

If You don’t want to change, You enjoy being angry, or You don’t care about Yourself or others, and You don’t care about the Consequences, let’s not waste our time – Yours or mine.

But i
f You do want Help and You do want to make Changes, look over the Information here at the Website and when You’re ready to get back Control, give me a Call.  The time for You to utilize an Anger Management Coach is Now!

Just Imagine one year from now how Your life will be if You let Anger to continue to control Your Life – not a pretty picture is it?  Or Imagine how You can start making Changes Now!  Which do You want?  It's Your Choice!

Are You willing to let Anger RUIN your life?  Or are You ready to take back Control?

Losing Your Anger could lead to someone getting hurt.  Maybe You!

Are you willing to let Anger RUIN your life?  Or are you ready to take back control?  Dallas / Fort Worth Anger Coaching is here to help you.

Without Anger Management you may be heading towards divorce

NOW, imagine Your life one year from now with this behind You.  Just how much better and Improved will Your Life be?  Now this one is worth Changing for, isn’t it?

The reasons You want to change are personal to You. They are the same ones that caused You to come to this website. They’re the same reasons that caused You to Realize that for whatever reason, You aren’t Controlling the anger, but instead it is Controlling and Harming Your Life in some way.  And You’re tired of accepting less than You really want - and Deserve - out of Life.

Without Anger Management Coaching You may be heading towards Divorce.

Failure to get back control from Anger can be devastating and have tragic consequences for you and those you love.

You owe it to Yourself to call for a FREE phone consultation to discuss how, working together, I can help You create better tomorrows for You and Your family by taking back Control over the Anger.  Haven't You waited long enough to make those Changes You want to make?

Then it’s Time to get Started by emailing me
anytime –  In the email, tell me what You would like to Change and a little about Your goals, and what You think may be keeping You from Achieving them.

All correspondence and conversations are of course Confidential.

Expect, Look for, and Find something good – every day!

Or, if You don't get the Anger under Control, You could wind up in JAIL!.

Or, if you don't get that Anger under Control, you could wind up in a Dallas or Fort Worth JAIL!.